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POUIX technical HOWTO

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First you have to contact the Pouix team to ask, and mention in your mail the following information : operator name, AS number, AS-SET macro, the place where you intend to connect, the email to write to for peering requests and wether you wish to use Pouix route server (yes or no).

Then you must install a Cat5e Ethernet cable (with RJ45 connection) to the Pouix, 11a4 in Telehouse 2 or 2nd floor, N2 in Redbus or néotélécoms/b7 in Telecity.

You will obtain an IP address from Pouix. The present network is and therefore the mask is . To check it out, use Gitoyen's router, (gitoyen-gw.pouix.net) .

The route server is (route-server.pouix.net) with the Autonomous System 65432 . Connecting to the route server is like connecting to an ordinary BGP peer. A sample configuration, suitable to Zebra but which may work with Cisco/IOS is:

router bgp YOUR-AS
  neighbor remote-as 65432
  ! Add here your filters, route maps, etc
  ! If you want to do IPv6
  ! ipv6 bgp neighbor 2001:910:ff::2 remote-as 65432

You can test your setup with the looking glass.

The time server (NTP protocol) is time.pouix.net.



For every question about POUIX, please ask info@pouix.net. POUIX is managed by Gitoyen.

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