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POUIX access conditions

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If you want to know the complete conditions, they are written in the POUIX contract: LaTeX source or Postscript version or PDF version. This contract is available for reading as an indication of the conditions that are foreseen when the "experimental" period will the finished, but it is not required for the moment.

Financial conditions

(Not applicable during the experimental stage.) 100 euros for the initial installation and 30 euros/month.

Technical conditions

You cannot host a router (or any other box) at POUIX. You need to bring an Ethernet cable to the POUIX at Telehouse 2. You need to be already installed (POPed) at Telehouse 2. You may contact the Gitoyen association if a hosting is required.

Then, read the HOWTO.



For every question about POUIX, please ask info@pouix.net. POUIX is managed by Gitoyen.

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